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Embassy of
South Africa
Mr. Naidoo
1/06 – 3/08
  "The South African Embassy wishes to express its application to K&M Delivery/Moving, Inc. for excellent services rendered and assistance provided with the packing of household goods for Embassy officials… During the past 6 months, K&M’s services were requested for 5 Embassy officials during their transfer and for 2 officials who moved residences."

"The Embassy is especially appreciative of K&M Delivery’s availability at short notice."

Mr. P. Naidoo
Minister Administration

K&M Delivery/Moving, Inc. was tasked to coordinate the transfer of furniture and equipment for 5 officials at the US South African Embassy to various locations within the Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland areas. Work was performed over a 6 month period. During this period K&M provided a full range of services including packing, loading, transfer, and off loading. Our customers at the US South African Embassy were so pleased with our services that they referred K&M to other officials. We were able to obtain two additional task orders from other officials for residential moves within the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. As demonstrated by our past performance K&M is building it’s reputation on quality services and secure merchandise transfer. K&M uses industrial strength packing and secure loading methodology to assure safe equipment and furniture transfer. Each of the moves performed under this contract period were completed on time and within budgetary constraints. K&M has become a go to for all of the US South American Embassy follow on moving, hauling and delivery needs.

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Sawyer Realty
Lamar McCown
9/27/06 – 2/9/07

K&M Delivery/Moving, Inc. was the premier moving company for Sawyer Realty (Willow Lake Apartments) and successfully served each new resident that moved in through a promotional program in which Sawyer Realty (Willow Lake Apartments) was offering. K&M also provided eviction services for units on the Willow Lake Property. These services included but were not limited to, contacting residents, coordinating ‘move in’ and ‘move out’ dates, and processing the move from start to finish. K&M provided each client referred by Sawyer Realty, professional service that each of our clients deserve when our services are rendered. K&M provided all materials, trucks, and an experienced moving team. K&M received testimonials and positive feedback from each client and successfully handled the project. K&M remained the premier moving company until Sawyer Realty was bought out by the Bethany Group. Because of our outstanding service with Sawyer Realty, the Bethany Group is considering using our service as well. K&M will provide hauling in addition to other services to them.

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Period Of Performance
First Baptist Church of Brentwood
Rev Eddie James
  "I just wanted to take this opportunity to express how pleased I’ve been with the services of K&M Delivery/Moving, Inc." "I’m grateful for you going the extra mile."

Rev. Edwin James

Church Administrator
First Baptist Church
North Brentwood, MD

K&M Delivery/Moving, Inc. provided moving services for The First Baptist Church of North Brentwood. K&M Delivery/Moving, Inc. coordinated the entire moving project for the First Baptist Church of North Brentwood according church planning objectives. Although K&M was assured that the elevator would be working and available for the moving job at the walk through (free estimate), it was not operational when our services commenced. There were hundreds of boxes and heavy furniture that K&M’s moving team had to transfer via staircase and narrow corridors. During the move, K&M Delivery/Moving, Inc. had to move special care items such as a baby grand piano, heavy file cabinets and other oversized items. Although the elevator issue was unexpected, there was no collateral damage during the move and the job was completed ahead of schedule. In addition to moving the entire First Baptist Church of North Brentwood,; K&M has also moved the Reverend of the Church, Eddie James, 2 times in the last 3 years. Our success at First Baptist Church of Brentwood has made K&M a go to mover for several members of the congregation and we have received a long list of testimonials and letters of commendation.

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