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Packing Tip:

Make labels showing the contents of each box. Be sure to put “Fragile” labels if required.

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We have had many successful homeowner and renter moves since 2002. Below are some highlights.

"Sometimes things happen during a move and you have no control. The day K&M Delivery/Moving, Inc. came to move our things from our house on one side of town to our new house on the other side of town a big storm blew in just as the guys were leaving the old house. By the time they got to our new street, three tree's had blown down blocking the only road to our home at the end of the cul de sac. K&M movers were able to move two tree's without too much trouble, but the third was too big to just move. They cut it apart with a neighbors hand saw until they were able to get around it. The whole adventure made the 10 minute trip from one house to another a two hour adventure making the move last late into the night. Oh, and the storm caused a power outage. The late night move was down with candle light. I could have become discouraged, but the K&M Movers were so wonderful, positive and tireless. I just couldn't get upset about anything. They worked so hard and never got discouraged or upset. The fee didn't change either, despite all the additional work the day required."

"I would not only highly recommend K&M Moving Company, but I would gladly call them again if the need ever arises. It was a privilege to work with these positive and hard working young men!"

Mr. & Mrs. Mulloy

"As a researcher, I felt it was necessary to conduct a brief investigation into what kinds of things I needed to consider in hiring a moving company. Several reputable websites described horror stories people had reported in hiring moving services. One of the most frequently described problems included customers being forced to pay significantly higher prices than what was originally quoted once the mover had loaded and taken possession of their personal belongings. Because I was able to actually speak with several of your clients, my concerns about being taken advantaged of were put to rest. No other moving service I contacted was willing to put me in contact with an actual client."

"My husband and I were delighted with your handling of all of our personal assets. We were also very thankful that your crew was willing to place each piece of furniture in the room and position them where we wanted without additional charge. After emptying every single one of our self-packed boxes, we were thrilled not to have suffered a loss due to damage or breakage – a testament to your careful handling."

"We will definitely use your services for our next move and are happy to speak with any of your prospective clients."

Mr. & Mrs. Richardson

"Thank you very much for the excellent service your company provided me on July 1, 2006.Your company was highly recommended to me for the great service you had given them in the past. I must say you exceeded my expectations!"

"I keep your number handy and I just want you to know that I would not hesitate to use your company again and would not have any problems recommending you to someone else. Your timeliness, professionalism, and just the way K & M Delivery/Moving Inc. handled the entire moving process gave me confidence that I had nothing to be concerned about. Keep up the good work and I know your other clients will feel the same as I do."

Mrs. King

"I wanted to make a special opportunity to thank you for your exceptional moving and delivery services. I’m rarely motivated to write a letter of commendation for hired services, but I am compelled to relay my complete satisfaction with your level of service. Your moving crew arrived exactly as planned, to complete the estimate and to conduct the move. You took little time to carefully wrap each piece of furniture and carefully loaded all of my boxes on your truck. Your staff had no difficulty in maneuvering up the hill behind my home and the stairs leading to the access door. I appreciate your willingness to accommodate my special needs. I have referred your services to several businesses and friends as a result of my experience with you and your crew. I am confident that each of your clients will be very satisfied with your services and I am happy to speak with them directly as a reference. Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors."

Dr. Thomas

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