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Business Packing Services

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Start planning at least 6 weeks before you actually move.

Decide what to move and what to leave behind.

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Packing Materials
Collect boxes and/or Moving Kits. If possible, try and purchase recycled content moving/packing materials. Consider using reusable containers that be used in future moves.

Make labels showing the contents of each box. Be sure to put "Fragile" labels if required.

Perform a detailed inventory list of all the items you plan to move. Do this for each box.

Unpackable Items
Some hazardous/dangerous items cannot be moved such as flammable liquids, car batteries, acids, cleaning fluids, loaded weapons, paints, pesticides, darkroom chemicals, gasoline, etc.

High-Value Items
Be sure to make separate packing arrangements for high value items such as financial statements, tax records, client files, check books, computer software, computer disks, etc.

Office Furniture/Equipment
Be sure to disassemble as required. You should keep all the major pieces and assembly items together by taping them. Keep any tools you will need to reassemble the furniture/equipment. Be sure to include all equipment records such as instruction guides and warranties.

Electronic Items
Be sure to consult the manufacturer's guide before you move electronic items such as computers, servers, and specialized equipment. Mark cables with where they go before disconnecting them.

Pack Boxes
Packed boxes should weight less than 50 pounds. Be sure to pack heavy items at the bottom of boxes.

Special Handling
Be sure to indicate which boxes should be loaded/unloaded first since there are some items you will need immediately.

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